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ADVNTR Media Group Go Live

Cambridge & Edinburgh, UK. September 1st 2019

ADVNTR Media Group is a newly formed brand management, strategy and communications agency in the cycling and outdoor channels with specific focus on web, brand, sales and marketing strategy development and execution.

Key management includes Andrew Phillips (Head of Technical Design), James Deane (founder of ADVNTR.cc) and Mark Downie (ex 2pure Cycle Channel Manager).

The Group says a strong consumer experience of brands and products has never been more vital so it aims to deliver meaningful and real experiences through consulting, strategising and executing. To highlight successful execution the Group says We Make It Real.

‘It is our belief that brands and distributors require multiple, faster deployment strategies than ever before’ said Mark Downie, Head of Brand Development. ‘The rate of change in our industry and the wider economy necessitates bold new approaches and leading change is vital in maintaining and developing your position. We support brands and distributors in overcoming these challenges’ he added.

Notes for Editors:

Located in Cambridge and Edinburgh, ADVNTR Media Group works with UK and international brands.

Contact : [email protected]

Andrew Phillips – Head of Technical Design +44 (0) 7545 641049
[email protected] 

James Deane – Founder and Head of Marketing +44 (0) 7718 361267
[email protected]

Mark Downie – Head of Brand Development +44 (0) 7715 452528
[email protected]

Advntr Media Group is a trading name of CBTECH LTD