A B2B Platform

Dek is an online B2B platform providing efficient purchasing and product media content supply to your customers. Enabled with controls for product access and individual customer pricing levels, Dek allows the management of sales channels and customer segmentation.

User Experience

  • Users and Accounts

    Every user has a unique ID and there can be multiple users per Company for control over access and security. Additionally each account features multiple billing and shipping addresses allowing centralised ordering but localised delivery. To help you promote offers or ensure important communications are read, Dek features post-login messaging with or without acknowledgement requirement. Dek+ allows user specific messaging.

  • Looks

    The landing page and banner graphics are fully customisable by admin users and the category menu can be customised to fit in with product structure. Image and text is used for menus to allow quick user operation.


  • Categories

    Products are organised by Category then Item. Unique products can be created that are specific to customers, such as SMU or 'one-off' products.

  • Selling

    Each product can be restricted by criteria such as region, customer level or customer type. Dek also supports outer quantity or individual item sales.

  • Information

    Product pages can display customised text information relevant to product type, plus each product can have unique downloadable files such as MSDS or technical documents.

  • Media

    Product pages support image downloads at native resolution. No need for a 3rd party file system - the media on page is accessible by customers as a ZIP download.

  • Control

    Draft products can be created and published when admin is ready to make live. Ranges can be prepared well in advance of launch and information embargoed.

  • Bundles

    Bundles can be set up for operational or selling purposes.


  • Baskets

    Retained baskets - items are retained even if user logs out. Ideal for customers who like to build orders over time.

  • Order Taking

    Admin can log in as customer and add product to their basket for them, i.e. if taking a phone order.

  • Order Uploads

    Users can download and then upload order form.

  • Retail Mode

    Users can use Dek like a product catalogue with no pricing or order information visible.

  • Delivery

    Checkout allows selection of delivery address from ones noted against that account.

  • Payment and Order Confirmation.

    The checkout supports Stripe payment gateway or BACS. Customers will receive automated post-order email confirmations.


  • Integrations

    Dek can be integrated with almost any ERP/CRM including custom builds. This can be web or server based.

  • International Business

    All currencies are supported but only English language is available at this time.

  • Returns

    Dek does not handle returns management.

  • Support

    Unique SLA's are created depending on your ability or desire to manage the platform.

  • Media Library

    The built-in media library allows hosting of documents, images and video.

Inventory Management

  • Visibility

    With option for binary In/Out Of Stock or the Dek+ Traffic Light system working from preferred stock levels and ETA's, Dek provides your customer with the information they need to make decisions.

  • Control

    Bulk uploads/adjustments or individual product adjustments are possible if not running inventory from an external system.

  • Fulfilment

    Customers can select partial fulfilment or for orders to shipped complete.

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